Shell’s range of turbine oils has been developed to deliver optimum value to your operation through enhanced protection, long oil life and high system efficiency. From high-temperature gas turbine systems to combined cycle systems with integral gearing, the Shell Turbo range can protect your equipment from corrosion and minimise the build-up of deposits and lacquer in turbine bearings and control valves. To meet the challenges of a wide range of equipment designs and applications, Shell has designed a portfolio of turbine oils that enables you to choose a product to match your technical and operational needs.
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Shell Turbo T

Specialist oils that meet the demands of high-output steam turbines. Meets ISO 8068 L-TSA, L-TGA type B and DIN 51515 L-TD. Shell Turbo T 68 meets the requirements of ABB for VTR.4 type turbocharger 1,000 hour oil-drain interval.


  • thermal stability
  • demulsibility
  • air release
  • resistance to foaming
  • rust and corrosion protection.