Hydraulic systems

Our range of hydraulic fluids helps your equipment to perform to its design standards.
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Shell Tellus

The Shell Tellus range of hydraulic fluids provides reliable air release filterability and cleanliness, and the latest technology to help extend pump life even under the most severe conditions.

Shell Tellus S2 VX

High-performance hydraulic fluids providing outstanding protection and performance across a wide range of temperatures. They resist breakdown under heat or mechanical stress and are ideally suited to most equipment subjected to a wider range of ambient or operating temperatures where ISO HV hydraulic fluids are recommended.

Shell Tellus S3 M 46

A premium zinc-free anti-wear formulation used where ISO HM hydraulic oils are recommended.

Shell Tellus S4 VX 32

Advanced technology to meet the requirements of extremely low ambient temperature conditions.

AeroShell Fluid 41

Excellent low-temperature properties and superclean levels.