Engine oils

Shell offers a complete range of lubricating oils for marine engines burning gas, heavy fuel, gas oil or liquid biofuel. All of Shell’s engine oils are designed to minimise deposit build-up and to help keep your engine clean. Some of our products include Shell Argina, specifically formulated for four-stroke diesel engines, to keep piston under crowns clean, maintaining cooling performance and preventing hot corrosion. For gas engines, Shell Mysella provides superior deposit control, even in engines with high piston temperatures. This maintains excellent ring belt cleanliness and cylinder liner protection. Shell Alexia is a cylinder oil for use in all 2-stroke low-speed diesel engines.
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Shell Argina S

Shell Argina S2 30 (SAE 30, BN20)

Shell Argina S2 40 (SAE 40, BN20)

A multifunctional crankcase lubricant for highly rated mediumspeed diesel engines operating on residual, blended or distillate fuels with sulphur content up to 0.5%.

Shell Argina S5 40 (SAE 40, BN55)

A multifunctional crankcase lubricant for highly rated medium-speed diesel engines operating under high-stress conditions and on residual fuel with sulphur content above 3.0%. Designed for the latest high-output, low-oil-consumption engines.

Shell Argina S3 30 (SAE 30, BN30)

Shell Argina S3 40 (SAE 40, BN30)

Multifunctional crankcase lubricants for highly rated mediumspeed diesel engines operating on residual fuel with sulphur content up to 3.0%.

Shell Argina S4 40 (SAE 40, BN40)

A multifunctional crankcase lubricant for highly rated mediumspeed diesel engines operating under high-stress conditions and on residual fuel with sulphur content above 2.0%.

Shell Argina S

  • Optimised to resist oxidation and maintain BN to reduce the amount of oil sweetening that is required
  • Very effective level of detergency leading to exceptionally clean crankcase, valve deck and pistons
  • The formulation has been further optimised to reduce deposits in critical areas, e.g., piston undercrown
  • Well-balanced high-detergency/low-dispersancy formulation to effectively release contaminants and water in centrifugal separators
  • The oils have a comprehensive range of engine manufacturers’ approvals.

Shell Gadinia S3 30 (SAE 30)
Shell Gadinia S3 40 (SAE 40)

High-quality, multifunctional diesel engine lubricants designed for the most severe service main propulsion and auxiliary marine trunk piston engines burning distillate, hybrid and biofuels with a sulphur content up to 1%.

  • Optimised for use in non-engine applications like gearboxes, clutches, deck machinery and stern tubes
  • Very high load carrying capacity (FZG Gear Machine) – Failure Load Stage 12 (ISO 1435-1 A/8.3/90)
  • Improved cleanliness performance and enhanced lubricant oil consumption control
  • Excellent wear protection
  • Shell Gadinia S3 is approved by leading trunk piston engine manufacturers.

Shell Gadinia S3 has a comprehensive set of non-engine approvals, including from Simplex B&V; Ortlinghaus; Stromag; REINTJES; RENK, Rheine; RENK, Augsburg; Siemens/Flender; MAN Alpha (meets requirements); CLP requirements specification (meets requirements widely); and VDL requirements specification (meets requirements widely).

Shell Gadinia AL 30 (SAE 30)
Shell Gadinia AL 40 (SAE 40)

Advanced lubricants for medium-speed trunk-piston engines running on distillate fuel. Specially designed to control oil consumption in modern engines where liner lacquering is a potential problem. Suitable for use in certain gears and ancillary equipment. Approvals: Rolls-Royce Bergen, DEUTZ AG, MAN Diesel & Turbo, Wärtsilä NSD, MaK and Simplex.

  • Reduced lacquer
  • Lower lubricant consumption
  • Increased engine reliability

Shell Mysella S3 N 40

A high-performance natural gas engine oil for lean-burn, sparkignition 4-stroke engines requiring low-ash oil.

Shell Mysella S5 N 40

The highest performance natural gas engine oil for use in highly rated spark-ignition 4-stroke engines requiring low ash oil. It is specially developed to provide extended oil drain intervals.

Products for High Speed Engines

Multigrade oils

Shell Rimula R4 X 15W-40 (USA, Shell Rotella T Triple Protection 15W-40)
Shell Rimula R4 L 15W-40 (low-SAPS) (USA, Shell Rotella T3 15W-40)
Shell Rimula R6 M 10W-40 (synthetic) (USA, Shell Rotella T6 5W-40)

High-performance engine oil for highly rated high-speed diesel engines that meet the latest API and ACEA specifications.

  • Suitable for engines burning distillate fuels with a sulphur content of up to 1.0%
  • Outstanding engine cleanliness
  • Superior wear control
  • Excellent oxidation resistance

Monograde oils

Shell Rimula R3+ 30 (USA, Shell Rotella T1 30)
Shell Rotella DD+ 40
Shell Sirius X 40

Monograde heavy duty diesel engine oils.